Father's Day Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend celebrating Elliott in honor of Father's Day. I thought it would be nice to spend more than just one day on him, so I planned a few special touches each day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) for him.

Friday I made one of his favorite candies, Peanut Butter Snowballs. I usually only make this around Christmastime so it was a nice treat and a big surprise. Saturday we went to the Santa Fe Station Casino buffet for brunch (buffets are his favorite) then home for naps (well, Elliott and Ava anyway). Naps, too, are a nice treat for Elliott. Then after naptime we went to a park where Ava ran around in the splash pad and on the jungle gym.

Josh and Lizzie and kids joined us and Ava had a blast running around with Xander. Whatever Xander did, Ava would try! That evening, after the girls went to bed, I fixed us a special grapefruit (Elliott's favorite) martini that we had enjoyed the previous weekend while dining out. It turned out pretty yummy!

Sunday Elliott slept in while I took the girls to church. When I got back I made him an omelet and sausage patties for a special breakfast. Then naptime again. :) For dinner I made some of his favorite food - chicken lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and pudding for dessert. Yum! After dinner Josh and Lizzie came over and played games while Xander and Ava ran around. All in all a really fun weekend.

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Jennifer B said...

Great job wife/mommy!!=)